Asian Inspired Treatments

Asian Inspired Treatments

thai massage
Monday – Thursday 90 minutes, $279
Friday – Sunday 90 minutes, $289

One of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine, adapted to be performed on a massage table. This treatment incorporates the principles of yoga with massage and mindfulness by using stretching and slow, rhythmic compressions along the body’s energy lines to induce relaxation and rejuvenation.

sabai foot
Monday – Thursday 60 minutes, $179
Friday – Sunday 60 minutes, $189

Sabai means to relax and be comfortable. This traditional Thai ritual begins with a refreshing kaffir lime exfoliation; the feet and lower legs are massaged using a heated herbal poultice along with a wooden dowel and a revitalizing peppermint cream creating a sense of well-being that permeates spirit, mind and body.

zen shiatsu
Monday – Thursday 60 minutes, $189 90 minutes, $279
Friday – Sunday 60 minutes, $199 90 minutes, $289

This dynamic hands-on healing system uses the power of touch, pressure and gentle stretching techniques. Serenity and balance result from this traditional Japanese massage.

tao of golf
Monday – Thursday 60 minutes, $179
Friday – Sunday 60 minutes, $189

Both golfers and non-golfers alike will benefit from this service. Designed to warm, stretch, and release tight and tired muscles with a blend of advanced bodywork techniques, including Thai, therapeutic and resistance stretching; both a relaxing and effective treatment.

Monday – Thursday 60 minutes, $179
Friday – Sunday 60 minutes, $189

Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that may also promote healing. The Reiki practitioner places their hands on the body to enhance the subtle energy of the recipient, resulting in a sense of calm and well-being.

soul connect
Monday – Thursday 90 minutes, $269 2 hours, $349
Friday – Sunday 90 minutes, $279 2 hours, $359

Connect with your higher self and lift your spirit by aligning your physical, emotional, and spiritual being. The journey begins by setting your intention with the help of divinity cards. Be guided into a meditation that will set the tone to connect you with your higher self. Experience an intuitively guided combination of chakra balancing, massage and energy work.

sanctuary open
Monday – Thursday 90 minutes, $269
Friday – Sunday 90 minutes, $279

Gently stretch your body – restorative yoga-inspired postures, Thai stretches and compressions. Therapeutic techniques, along with massage using tennis balls, provide a deep release for your body. Homecare techniques will be shared to support ongoing self-care in the relief of tight shoulders, hips, and back.

luk pra kope
A Sanctuary Signature Treatment
Monday – Thursday 2 hours, $359
Friday – Sunday 2 hours, $369

Meaning “to massage with medicinal herbs,” this journey begins with a kaffir lime exfoliation of the feet. Organically grown herbs are steamed, rolled and pressed along the energy pathways of the body. Coupled with Thai massage, the heated herbal compress soothes tired muscles, enhances circulation, improves joint mobility, and creates a sense of balance and harmony.

tok sen
A Sanctuary Signature Treatment
Monday – Thursday 90 minutes, $279 2 hours, $359
Friday – Sunday 90 minutes, $289 2 hours, $369

The fluidity of Thai massage is blended with vibration therapy for a rare and unique experience. This healing treatment from Thailand uses a tapping technique (Tok) that evens the flow of energy along the meridians (Sen) that is both meditative and restorative.

golden lotus balancing ritual
Monday – Thursday 90 minutes, $269
Friday – Sunday 90 minutes, $279

Rooted in traditional Chinese and Japanese herbal medicine, an herbal blend is chosen specifically to help balance the yin and yang energy. These finely ground, powerful healing herbs are applied to the body before being wrapped in a cocoon to enhance their absorption. Gentle and relaxing acupressure focuses on balancing the central channel and is designed to restore the body’s natural energetic flow. Finally, a blend of herbal homeopathic cream is applied to further balance the body, mind and spirit.

couple’s asian inspired services
price based on services selected
Choose to receive your asian inspired services in the in-door couple’s suite for no additional charge; subject to availability.

Guests receiving spa treatments will be required to wear a mask during the treatment. Masks are available for all guests upon request.