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Local Scottsdale Attractions

Explore the most popular local Scottsdale attractions and start building an itinerary to make your stay unforgettable. Find all your options here.

Scottsdale Museum of the West: Western Spirit

Experience Scottsdale Museum of the West, Paradise Valley’s newest museum. The museum honors the significance of the American West through art, interactive exhibits, and special events. Find the Museum of the West in the eclectic arts and cultural district in downtown Scottsdale, just 10 minutes from Sanctuary.

Scottsdale Museum of the West

Desert Botanical Garden

Desert Botanical Gardens

Meander through 145 acres of desert plants at the Desert Botanical Gardens. Over 4000 species of plant life native to arid lands around the world, including our own Sonoran Desert, are present here. Consider planning your trip to the gardens around any of their special events, like the Desert Night Cinema, Music in the Garden, Flashlight Tours, or Dinner on the Desert.

Taliesin West

Taliesin West is a desert home at it’s best, and is known as much for its unique design as for its notable resident: American architect Frank Lloyd Wright. A National Historic Landmark, Taliesin West was Wright’s winter home, and, as such, was built and maintained almost exclusively by Wright and his apprentices. The home has been a beloved Scottsdale feature since 1937, when it was erected out of the rocks and sand from the desert washes that surround it. Taliesin West now houses a living and working architectural school as an homage to Wright’s impressive legacy.

Taliesin West


Musical Instrument Museum

Explore the sounds, rhythms, instruments and cultures that created the soundtrack to our lives. Featuring a collection of more than 8,000 instruments from over 200 world countries, the Musical Art Museum offers interactive tours, live musical performances, and spectacular education programs. Experience the sensory nature of music and learn it affects our emotions. Hear their sounds, and observe them being played in their original contexts through state-of-the-art, interactive media.