Ionizing Vita Flower Mist


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ionizing vita toning flower mist tones, refreshes, balances mist the skin with the penetrating power of pure plant hydrosols and whole essential oils to tone and balance stressed skin. hydrosols are concentrated flower water extracted through steam-distillation. this nutrient rich water is the very essence of the living plant. throughout the distillation process water heating into steam produces high levels of negative ions, aromatic essences and potent plant acids. this combination is mildly astringent and anti-inflammatory. rich in antioxidants and vitamin c, this calming hydrosol blend of rose damascena and revitalizing lavender, refreshes and protects the skin to encourage cellular renewal. combined with revitalizing birch whole essential oil that works to relax muscles and reduce inflammation. together these refreshing botanicals create a feeling of radiant elation and optimal health.

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