Deep Detox Ritual Mask




Regular detoxification with this mask helps aid the body in maintaining a life balance leaving the skin healthy and radiant. This detoxifying blend of Moroccan rhassoul, kaolin, and montmorillonite clays, helps combats daily exposure to thousands of pollutants and toxins that slowly accumulate in the skin. Infused with the essential extracts of rose, jasmine, and ylang ylang, the mask penetrates deeply and lifts away toxins, while stimulating, polishing, and purifying the skin. This blend of sea kelp, Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E, and protective humectants encourages perspiration to release toxins from the skin and organ systems and bind with the clay, so they can be washed away.

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Weight 0.375 lbs
Dimensions 6.5 × 3.0 × 1.75 in


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