Mixology 101

Mixology 101

$55 per person (plus tax and gratuity)* Limit 20 guests; Reservations required.

Tantalize your taste buds and discover the art of cocktail creation as Sanctuary mixologists share techniques and tastings of 3 to 4 innovating cocktails. This interactive class educates guests about jade bar’s freshness philosophy, spirit details and delves into the history of the cocktails they are concocting. Enjoy 15% off food during your Mixology 101 class.

Private Mixology 101 classes are available upon request. Call 480.607.2300 for more information and pricing.

Reservations for Mixology 101 close at 8pm the Friday evening before the following day’s class.

Saturday: 12pm

Mixology 101 Cocktails


February 22: Down South: We me way down South. An introduction to the spirits of South America – Pisco and Cachaca.
February 29: Before the Cocktail: An exploration of common pre 1800s spirited beverages.
The Flowing Bowl: Punch is a communal style of drinking that is the basis for all modern day cocktails.
In a Word – Cocktail: Straight spirit drinks such as the Old Fashioned and Manhattan.
Slow Sippers: It started with a man named Tom – the Collins Family Tree.
Pucker Up!: Bees Knees to Daiquiris – learn how to make the perfect sour.