Artist in Residence Painting

Artist in Residence

Sanctuary’s ‘Artist in Residence’ program exhibits artwork of its selected artists and holds receptions for guests and local community. Additionally, the featured artist will hold workshops situated in this inspirational setting. Our intimate artist workshops are limited to seven guests so reserve your spot today. For workshop reservations call 855.245.2051 or email our Reservations at reservations@sanctuaryaz.com.

Nicholas Bernard Sculpture

November: Nicholas Bernard

Nicholas Bernard is nationally and internationally recognized for his ceramic work. He has lived and created his beautiful pots and vessels in Arizona for the past 30 years. Traditionally working in low fire earthenware, his vocabulary has expanded to include high fire porcelain works as well. His influences are scattered from the Southwest, Africa and Japan to the cultures of the Mediterranean.

Sunset Artist Reception
5:30pm-7:30pm November 15, 2018
Paradise Views Terrace
In-house guests and the local community can meet Nicholas while enjoying the spectacular sunset and dramatic setting over light fare and wine.

Artist Workshop
$125 per person (limit seven guests)
10:30am-12:00pm November 10 & 17, 2018
Praying Monk
Nicholas Bernard will guide guest’s creativity in this workshop suitable for all levels of experience. Participants will come away with a finished artwork in clay, which is ready to be fired. Details for pick-up/shipping of fired pieces will be given at the workshop.

*Cancellation required seven days prior to workshop date.

Arthur Levy Painting

December: Arthur Levy

After 27 years as a cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Levy became entranced with the encaustic technique, after dabbling in other mediums in the past including tempera, acrylic and oil, but sought more texture in his work. The word ‘encaustic’ comes from the Greek ‘encaustikos’ meaning ‘to heat or burn’. Using heat in every stage, the encaustic medium consists of beeswax, resin and pigment.

Sunset Artist Reception
5:30pm-7:30pm December 5, 2018
The Views Ballroom & Terrace
In-house guests and the local community can meet Arthur while enjoying the spectacular sunset and dramatic setting over light fare and wine.

Artist Workshop
$125 per person (limit seven guests)
10:30am-12:00pm December 8, 2018
The Views Ballroom
Art Levy’s workshop will include a definition and history of encaustic as a medium. He will present materials, primary colors and tools for heating and fusing onto his primed panels for guests creative endeavors, and for their finished art piece.

*Cancellation required seven days prior to workshop date.

Killgore Art

Upcoming Artists

January – Ellen Wagener – Contrast is key in Wagener’s work. There are strong gestural elements and ethereal clouds that soften the focus. While her renderings of fields and trees have a tactile quality, the skies are always elusive. The warm tones of the land against the cool colors of the sky are depicted in endless variations, whether spring, summer, fall or winter.

February – Michelle Stuhl – Michelle Stuhl began her career as a sculptor, working often in large scale, and in a variety of materials. In the late 80’s she discovered printmaking which led her to painting with oil, and ultimately, to encaustic work. Her works are of trees which start with a graphite drawing then layer paint and wax and then more paint. The drawn and painted image is seen through the translucent layer of wax. The wax affects the paint surface and creates a more luminous surface.

March – Matt Magee & Linda Margaret Kilgore – Matt Magee has experimented widely with abstract and conceptual art practices. Working variously in painting, drawing, sculpture and assemblage, Magee’s art not only responds to earlier abstractionists but also references contemporary scientific, ecological and technological advancements.

Linda Margaret Kilgore works in a variety of media, including steel sculpture, painting, assemblage, and installation. She combines often non-traditional and ‘emotionally charged’ materials in her work.