Bar Brawl Begins!!

Bar Brawl

Welcome to Bar Brawl – the ultimate bartender competition and celebration of Arizona craft cocktail culture! Each Sunday at 8pm, two of the Valley’s top cocktail makers meet face-to-face in an exciting mixology competition at jade bar, where their skills will be tested not only on their drink making capabilities, but also in an array of interactive bartender challenges.

These round-robin style competition features eight challengers who have to duke it out in front of the jade bar crowd and impress the local and guest celebrity judges. The winning competitor of each weeks challenge moves up the ranks and continues in their quest for the championship. Jade bar guest get to watch it all live at the bar while enjoying Happy Hour food and drink specials plus music from some of Arizona’s top DJs.

Bar Brawl

The first week of competition featured an epic battle between Counter Intuitive’s Keifer Gilbert and Crudo’s Andrew Calisterio. The two duked it out in challenges tested their skills and creativity as well as their knowledge of cocktail culture. Challenges included going head to head on a classic cocktail and creating the best cocktail with a selection of herbs. In between bar battles, they faced a series of interactive games that required them to test their knowledge of cocktails and popular culture. After an extraordinarily close battle, Keifer Gilbert was crowned the winner and moved on to the semi-finals.

Bar Brawl

The second battle featured Cowboy Chao’s Mari Howe and Citizen Public House’s Mike Liberatore. The jade bar crowed sipped cocktails and cheered both bartenders on as they battled for cocktail supremacy in challenges like the mystery basket, where Mari and Mike had to answer questions about classic cocktails in order to removed items like peanut butter and anchovies from the mix. They eventually whittled it down to just Red Hots, at which point they had to go head to head trying to impress the judges with their Red Hot cocktail. It was another close battle, but Mari Howe pulled it out and moved on to the semi-finals.

Join the party in jade bar at 8pm every Sunday through September 13. Upcoming battles include:

8pm Sunday, August 9
Clint Spotelson, Renaissance Hotel
Tony Pharias, Tarbell’s

8pm Sunday, August 16
Kyle Mason, M Bar at Omni, Montelucia
Alexa Bowler, Upton, Olive & Ivy, Mission

8pm Sunday, August 23
Keifer Gilbert, Counter Intuitive
Mari Howe, Cowboy Chao

8pm Sunday, August 30
August 9 Winner
August 16 Winner

8pm Sunday, September 13