Waxes & Pomades

Beautiful in function and form alike, these waxes and pomades range from the most modern to the most classic, and focus on the demands of the most discerning users: top hairstylists and their clients.

24K Gold Pomade

Sleek back your hair with super-rich gold highlights for instant lustrous glamour. Excellent for use on pleasure craft, in convertibles or anywhere a little 24-karat seduction is needed.Smooth onto wet or dry hair and style sexily. Add string bikini and dark glasses.

Rough Luxury Molding Wax

Detailed styles get thoroughly modern texture with this flexible paste wax. Loved by layers for its volumizing hold that adds substantial softness, separation and semi-matte luster.Rub between palms. Run through hair. Style with flair.

Original Pomade

Movie star, rock star, rebel: American icons have always used pomade. This cult classic is an Oribe original, ideal for those with extreme control issues who need to shine the brightest.Warning: May be difficult to wash out. (Then again, it DOES look better the next day…)

Ranges in price From $38.00 to $55.00 each

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