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golden lotus balancing ritual *NEW*
ninety minutes, 240.
Rooted with herbal formulations from traditional Chinese & Japanese medicine our Golden Lotus Ritual is performed by our "Sensei Therapists". After a brief assessment, your therapist will choose which herbal blend will help balance your yin/yang energy using finely ground, powerful, healing herbs that are then massaged into the body. While you are wrapped in a cocoon, a full body acupressure session along with a head & neck release will melt away tension while restoring the flow of natural energy. This treatment concludes with an application of a blended herbal homeopathic cream to further enhance balance to your body, mind & soul.

sixty minutes, 170.
The word hypnosis comes from the Greek word hypno, which means "sleep".  During the subtle shift from wakefulness into sleep there is a small window into time and space that allows the mind to relax into positive affirming suggestions.  This Altered State of Consciousness (ASC) is where hypnotic therapy works. The goal of the therapy is to activate the mine-body pathways and offer relief associated with the individual's wants and needs.  This mind-body therapy can assist with a range of concerns from anxiety, behavior changes, and pain management.

Astrology is a symbol system calculated to create a map of the heavens reflecting your individual journey. The Astrological Chart is a tool for self-understanding and development. The better you understand yourself, the more fulfilling your life can be. At least 24 hours before your appointment, please give the Spa your place, date and time of birth. Your chart will map out your direction, where you've been, where you are now and where you are going. This enables you to recognize change, transformation and growth.*

guided imagery meditation
By combining soothing music and rich imagery, the power of the inner healer is revealed. This highly forced state of awareness and concentration transforms perceived limitations into pure potential. Medical centers and sports psychologists utilize this practice to expedite the healing process.

labyrinth walking meditation
Reconnect with inner peace and a renewed sense of purpose while walking the pathways of the Seven Path Classical Labyrinth. The mysterious winding path that takes you to the center becomes a metaphor for the healing journey and a mirror for where you are in your life. A $30 transportation fee will apply.

Experience the power and wisdom of the "Hero's Journey" through this ancient tool of divination. The universal archetypes within the Tarot deck provide guidance and insight as your own unique path unfolds. Recording of your personal session is available.*

Learn the Pythagorean "Life Path System" of numerology. Through calculating your birth date to a single digit, hidden talents and potential are revealed. Insight into relationships and your personal year is also available through this ancient system. In seeking to fulfill the old adage of "know thyself," you will find numerology to be one of the most powerful and simple tools used. Recording of your personal session is available.*

soul connect
ninety minutes, 230.  one-hundred and twenty minutes, 295
Connect with your higher self and lift your spirit by aligning your physical, emotional and spiritual being.  The journey begins by setting your intention with the help of divinity cards.  Be guided into a meditation that will set the tone to connect you with your higher self.  Experience an intuitively guided combination of chakra balancing, massage and energy work.

* Enjoy this service in the spa or in your own room. An additional $20 charge will apply to any in-room service beginning after 9pm.

A 20% gratuity will be added to all spa services.

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