sixty minutes, 150. ninety minutes, 210.
A relaxing and soothing body massage. This traditional light- to medium-pressure massage will improve circulation, relieve tension and eliminate muscle fatigue.

sixty minutes, 160. ninety minutes, 220.
A massage customized to specific areas of muscle tension or to enhance your athletic performance by focusing on sport-specific muscles. Pressure can be adjusted to your body's unique needs.

sanctuary stone
ninety minutes, 210.
This massage treatment combines tension releasing massage techniques with warmed, smooth river stones as an extension of the therapist's hand. Deep heat allows you to experience profound relaxation and balance.

sixty minutes, 150. ninety minutes, 210.
A gentle massage honoring new mothers and mothers-to-be. Designed to alleviate muscle tension and aches as well as relieve swelling and stress on weight-bearing joints. Motherhood services are not available during the first trimester of pregnancy.

sixty minutes, 150. ninety minutes, 210.
Lymphatic drainage massage incorporates very light, repetitive brushing strokes to boost the circulation of the lymphatic system and aid in the removal of toxins and excess water.

tao of golf *NEW*
sixty minutes, 170.
This treatment is designed to address areas specific to the golf swing.  Your therapist will use a variety of techniques to stretch, warm and release tight muscles.  This massage is beneficial before and after your round.  Treatment also includes a sleeve of Sanctuary golf balls to take home.

reishi face & body duo;
90-minute body treatment and 60-minute facial, 295.
Replenish your skin and refresh your spirit with this multi-layered anti-inflammatory, anti-aging ritual for the ultimate in hydration and vitality for both the face and body. This unique treatment encompasses lymphatic drainage, an uplifting body scrub, soothing mask with a blended hydration application during massage. Rich in immune-boosting phyto-nutrients, ripe anti-oxidant berries and omega 3 & 6 to help increase circulation, stimulate lymphatic flow and help oxygenate the skin.

massage 101
sixty minutes, 150. ninety minutes, 210.
A creative, interactive and partner-building opportunity for couples to learn how to massage each other, emerge inspired with professional techniques to use at home.

thirty minutes, 90. sixty minutes, 150.
This treatment uses specialized techniques to stimulate the flow of energy in your feet, for a massage that rebalances the body and promotes increased relaxation and relief from stress.

wild lime blossom
ninety minutes, 210.
This zesty, aromatic scalp and full-body massage is the perfect remedy for jet lag and fatigue. A special recipe of hazelnut, avocado and macadamia oils is blended with wild lime blossom, sandalwood and ginger. The oil is warmed and vigorously applied to your scalp, neck and shoulders to stimulate circulation and nourish your hair. While the oil penetrates your hair, a full body massage with your choice of aromatherapy oils.

scalp massage
thirty minutes, 90.
An uplifting scalp & neck massage with wild lime blossom oil and a nourishing hair treatment that's ideal for jet lag, restlessness and fatigue.

in-harmony massage
sixty minutes, 290.
For everyone who enjoys the luxury of massage, imagine the luxury of two massage therapists working in tandem. This choreographed massage utilizes Swedish techniques and long, continuous strokes and is a profoundly renewing, revitalizing and unique experience.

couple's massage
sixty minutes, 300. ninety minutes, 420.
Choose a massage to share with someone you love, and create a memory you'll enjoy together long after the treatment is finished.

A 20% gratuity will be added to all spa services.

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