sawan rejuvenating body delight *NEW*
ninety minutes, 210. one-hundred and twenty minutes, 275
The treatment begins with a moisturizing organic red rice scrub to prepare the skin for a luscious mask of tamarind and pineapple extracts.  These products will help rejuvenate the skin and restore elasticity.  Royal Thai acupressure is applied along the energy lines to help remove blockages and warm medicinal poultices are massaged into the head and neck to melt away stress tension, while rejuvenating the senses.  A luxurious moisture layer is applied, saturating your skin with nutrients. 

bodhi body contouring treatment *NEW*
ninety minutes, 210. one-hundred and twenty minutes, 275
This traditional contouring body ritual will help achieve a firmer, more refined body tone.  A gentle scrub is applied to prepare the body for the spicy warming mask which will stimulate blood vessels for better circulation and help with the removal of toxins.  While you are wrapped in this exotic mask, a facial/eye contouring massage is applied with a warm herbal poultice to help tone the skin.  Afterwards, an invigorating massage with black pepper and clove buds is performed to help break down fatty deposits, eliminate toxins, and increase lymphatic drainage. 

citrus lavender softening scrub
sixty minutes, 150. ninety minutes, 210.
Breathe deep the intoxicating aromas of bright citrus and balancing lavender. Relax completely as nourishing sea minerals combine with lavender’s healing properties in this full body exfoliation. Take pleasure in a luxurious antioxidant body hydration application leaving your skin smooth and silky. The 90-minute treatment includes a relaxing extended hydration application.

divinity detox wrap
sixty minutes, 150. ninety minutes, 210.
This amazing detoxifying treatment will aide in cleansing the lymphatic system.  Using a blend of seaweed and algae combined with an essential oil mask to help draw impurities out while re-mineralizing the body.  Astara's nutrient rich oil and body lotion with vitamins A, C and E are applied for maximum hydration. Astara products are made from all natural raw ingredients enriched with enzymes; facial quality ingredients for your body.

sumatra coconut body ritual
sixty minutes, 150. ninety minutes, 210.
Designed for all skin types, our signature body ritual features fresh coconut blended with fragrant jasmine, vetiver and gentle buffing grains to hydrate, sooth and polish dull skin. A special recipe of hazelnut, avocado and macadamia oils is blended with wild lime blossom, sandalwood and ginger. The oil is warmed and vigorously applied to your scalp, neck and shoulders to stimulate circulation and nourish your hair. This ritual concludes with a luxurious application of Pure Fiji's Coconut Body Balm. The 90-minute treatment includes a relaxing extended hydration application.


hand treatment
A purifying and clarifying mask featuring antioxidant- rich green tea and fresh wasabi Is followed by soothing, hydrating attention to your hands and arms.

foot treatment
This revitalizing foot mask featuring fresh wasabi is followed by the cooling, restoring application of Peppermint and Tea Tree foot balm.

A 20% gratuity will be added to all spa services.

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