tok sen
ninety minutes, 230. one-hundred and twenty minutes, 295
Sanctuary is one of the few spa's to offer this specialized treatment.  Tok Sen is a healing treatment from Thailand that encompasses Thai yoga like stretching with vibration therapy.  Even the flow of your energy through a tapping technique (Tok) performed along the energy lines (Sen) that run throughout the body creating a relaxing and soothing experience.  This treatment helps with physical aches and pains, energy blockages, poor circulation, nerve problems, etc. 

table thai
ninety minutes, 230.
This is an ancient, interactive style of massage that originated in Thailand. You'll be wearing loose fitting clothing while your therapist gently pulls, pushes and kneads your muscles in patterns of gentle rocking and rhythmic compressions.

sabai foot
sixty minutes, 170.
Sabai in Thai means to relax or to be comfortable.  This treatment starts with a foot soak and exfoliation with lime and clay as it is the traditional belief that the feet are our windows to a person's soul.  The journey is completed with a relaxing foot massage with a cream using a wooden dowel, hands and an herbal poultice.  This is a wonderfully hydrating, detoxifying and healing foot experience. 

sixty minutes, 170. ninety minutes, 230.
Muscular tension and blocked energy are released by applying rhythmic thumb and palm pressure to points along the body's energy meridians. Serenity and balance result from this traditional Japanese massage.

sixty minutes, 170.
Reiki is the Japanese word for "universal life energy." Vital life force energy (rei) flows from the practitioner's hands, affecting the subtle body energy (ki or chi) of the recipient. This gentle yet powerful healing technique facilitates balance.

luk pra kope
one hundred and twenty minutes, 295.
Meaning "to massage with medicinal herbs," luk pra kope begins with soaking your feet in a fresh lime and essential-oil bath. After your feet are cooled and exfoliated with fine, white Thai clay and fresh lime, a blend of steamy, organically grown herbs is rolled, massaged and pressed into tight muscles and onto problem areas and energy pathways. Along with Thai massage, the heated compress soothes sore and aching muscles, enhances circulation, reduces joint stiffness and refreshes the skin.

A 20% gratuity will be added to all spa services.

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