All sessions are taught by Olympic gold medalist Misty Hyman.

sixty minutes,
$150* single session
$550* five sessions
$1000* ten sessions

fitness swimmer*
Swimming is one of the best sports for a total body workout with minimal impact on your joints. Improving your freestyle crawl technique, and the other three strokes as well, will help you get more out of each workout in the pool. For ages 18 and older; some swimming experience required.

competitive swimmer*
For competitors age 10 and older, Misty helps develop your stroke technique, racing skills, and knowledge of the sport through specific drills and sets. She'll customize your sessions based on which areas you want to work on, and her initial evaluation of your swimming.

triathlon swimmer*
Swimming is often the most challenging part of a triathlon. Making your freestyle crawl technique more efficient and relaxed will help you go farther, faster. With Misty's experience in open water swimming, you'll pick up tips on pacing, sighting, and improving your stamina and speed.


*Swim instruction is subject to limited availability.  Advance reservations required.  Call 480.607.2326 for availability and to reserve your class today. A 20% gratuity will be added to all services.