private classes

sixty minutes, 130. ninety minutes, 190.
group rates available.

One-on-one instruction is available for all movement classes – just refer to our fitness & activity class schedule. Additional class types (including yoga for golf, plyometrics, BOSU, balance disk, ball & band, pilates, yoga for golfers, interval or circuit) available upon request.

Other Options

agility training
Enhance your power, speed and agility through footwork-based training.

circuit resistance training
Incorporate both muscular strength and endurance exercises with intervals of cardiovascular training using a variety of equipment, including new TRX agility training.

core stabilization
Increase muscular balance and strength through a sequence of body stabilization exercises while learning to engage core muscles.

functional stretch
Develop mind-body awareness through various stretching techniques and functional movement patterns.

assisted stretch

Identifies muscle imbalances and weaknesses, while improving flexibility and circulation.

pilates reformer for athletes
Improve strength, flexibility and coordination through core stabilization and resistance training on the Pilates reformer apparatus.

power pilates fusion (mat)
Increase endurance, agility, balance, control, core strength, range of motion and lung capacity by utilizing the Pilates BOSU balance trainer method, flex bands, resistance circle and tubing.

power yoga
Challenge your balance and mental focus while increasing energy, strength and flexibility practicing this Power Yoga discipline.

thai yoga

A relaxing yoga session to improve circulation and flexibility, while you learn poses and stretches from an ancient technique oriented in Thailand.

pilates/yoga for back care

Exercises designed to help develop a strong, healthy and stress-free back. This workout builds core stability, spinal alignment and mobility.

exercises for arthritis and osteoporosis

Custom designed programs using the BEST exercises for osteoporosis program and the DSW exercises for arthritis, to help improve bone density and alleviate joint stiffness, increasing flexibility and circulation.


Breathe, strech, and relax...Learn specific relaxation and breathing techniuqes to release stress and increase flexibility. Allowing your muscles to melt into tranquility, while increasing oxygen flow.

A 20% gratuity will be added to all spa services.