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Tennis & Fitness

Get moving with an array of personalized classes and services from Yoga and Pilates to swim and tennis all led by a team of experienced and talented Fitness Specialists who are committed to promoting lifelong, healthy behaviors for our guests.

Nurture your body within our state-of –the-art fitness center or for a more custom experience, take advantage of a personalized program or private class. For those looking for the ultimate Scottsdale tennis retreat, Sanctuary celebrates a legendary history filled with Hollywood celebrities and international tennis stars. Recognized as the Paradise Valley Racquet Club throughout the 1950’s and renamed John Gardiner’s Tennis Ranch in 1965, our property continues a legacy of championship courts and professional coaches.

Under the expert guidance of our Fitness Specialists and tennis coaches you will walk away with the knowledge and inspiration to achieve your fitness goals wherever your travels take you.

November Fitness Schedule
December Fitness Schedule

About Our Specialist

All Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors have degrees or certification in their specialty. Whether you are just beginning or looking to enhance your current program, our health and fitness professionals have the expertise to help you achieve your goals.

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Kara Thomas, Sanctuary’s fitness & wellness manager, is a former TV fitness personality and writer for “First Stretch” for Fox and CBS from Ohio. Among her creations are the Pilates for Life Core Fitness program, the Happy Heart Recipes for Wellness program, the 50-Minute Fitness Retreat DVD featured in Pilates Style Magazine, and a new Weight Management Retreat. Her fitness tips and programs have also been featured in magazines: Women’s Health, Executive Travel, Shape, Fitness and more.

Kara is an NCCA nationally certified Pilates instructor, certified fitness nutrition coach, certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She has specialty training in injury prevention, post rehab fitness, Pilates for Athletes, exercise for osteoporosis and arthritis, Pilates and Yoga for back pain. She also has a background in dance choreography. Specialty certifications and/or advanced training from National Exercise Sports Trainers Association, American Council on Exercise, STOTT, National Academy of Sports Medicine, National Exercise Trainers Assoc., Suzanne Gutterson of Eve Gentry Pilates and Balance Body Pilates, PM & R Physical Therapy. Kara is passionate about helping people of all fitness levels. One of her favorite Good Health quotes: ‘A kind word is healing to the bones and a smile is like good medicine’ – proverbs in the Bible.

Frank Sole is an accomplished triathlon coach and a premier swim tactician who has successfully built personalized and in-depth programs to best meet the needs of his athletes. Frank is also the Triathlon Coach for Arizona State University. With his extensive background in working with pro triathletes, Kona qualifiers and age groupers Frank easily adapts to their talents, personalities and limitations and recognizes their abilities to maximize their swimming potential.

Frank brings a philosophy that all athletes have the ability to succeed at a high level. And with what we now know about competing in the world of endurance events and triathlon, it has become essential to incorporate a blend of mobility, strength and, of course, technique in all three disciplines; the swim, bike and run.

Frank is a Level III ASCA Certified Swim Coach, US Masters Swim Coach, USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach, USA Cycling Level III Coach, AFPA Certified Personal Trainer, CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Functional Movement Screening Certified Exercise Professional and certified in World Open Water Swimming Association Coaching.

Misty Hyman, a Phoenix native and Stanford graduate, is best known for her Olympic Gold Medal at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney, where she emerged as the underdog to win the 200-meter butterfly. Known as a pioneer in the sport for her innovative underwater dolphin kick, Misty earned 13 US national titles and five NCAA national titles along with numerous other honors.

She’s also earned a reputation in the swimming community as a superb instructor and motivational speaker. Her vast knowledge comes from two decades of competitive swimming for two of America’s top swim coaches, and her friendly and encouraging personality has made Misty one of the premier swim instructors in the country.

Misty Hymen swim instruction

Swim Instruction

Swimming is one of the best sports for a total body workout with minimal impact on your joints. Discover an array of swim sessions taught by Olympic gold medalist Misty Hyman.

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Sixty Minute Sessions 
$150, single session*
$550, five sessions*
$1000, ten sessions*

Fitness Swimmer
Get more out of each workout in the pool as this session aims to improve techniques of various swim strokes. For ages 18 and older; some swimming experience required.

Competitive Swimmer
Develop your stroke technique, racing skills, and knowledge of swimming through specific drills and sets. Your session is customized to your liking and based on an initial evaluation. For competitors age 10 and older; some swimming experience required.

Triathlon Swimmer
Swimming is often the most challenging part of a triathlon. Develop freestyle crawl technique and pick up tips on pacing, sighting, and improving stamina and speed.

*Swim instruction is subject to limited availability. Advance reservations required. Call 480.607.2326 for availability and to reserve your class today.

*A 20% gratuity will be added to all services.

Sanctuary tennis


Play a match on one of Sanctuary’s five Deco-Turf championship courts, or take advantage of the roof top viewing deck, and tennis lounge that features the latest demo racquets. Tennis professionals at the resort conduct daily clinics, all of which include ninety-minute sessions that are kept to a 4:1 ratio to ensure you get the maximum benefit to improve your game. Our Scottsdale tennis resort offers various instructional programs customized to your needs.

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Tennis reservations are encouraged. Sanctuary tennis courts are open from 8am-6pm daily. Proper tennis attire and tennis shoes are required.

Private Lesson
Thirty minutes, $50
Sixty minutes, $85
Ninety minutes, $125

Semi Private Lesson
Sixty Minutes, $50 per person
Ninety Minutes, $75 per person

Groups of Three or Four
Sixty Minutes, $50 per person
Ninety Minutes, $ 75 per person

Daily Clinic
Ninety Minutes, $ 50
(minimum of two players)

Functional Agility Training
Thirty Minutes, $80
Sixty Minutes, $100

Court Rental
Sixty Minutes, $20

Ball Machine Rental
Thirty minutes, $20
Sixty minutes, $35

Demo Racket
$10 per day



$50 per person
Zennis is a movement based tennis clinic emphasizing the principles of tennis with specific Yoga movement and stretches. Through Zennis, our tennis clinicians focus on body awareness, movement and mechanics, allowing students to accentuate their sense of balance and allowing dormant skills to naturally emerge. In summary, the Zen portion of our Zennis clinic helps cultivate a sense of relaxation, alignment and fluidity to improve your game and mobility.
To register, please call 480.607.2340

Sanctuary fitness services

Fitness Services

For guests looking for the ultimate fitness experience, Sanctuary Resort’s state-of-the-art fitness center provides everything you need to your individual needs and goals.

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Assisted stretch
Thirty minutes, $90*
Sixty minutes, $130*
Increase flexibility with personal assistance while muscle functionality and range of motioned are assessed.

Fascial Stretch Therapy
Decrease Pain, Increase Flexibility, Improve Performance, Faster Recovery.
FST is a complete and cohesive system of innovative manual therapy and movement training that rapidly and radically re-organizes, re-aligns and re-educates the entire body structure. Guests receive a brief introduction and session will focus on a specific area based on your needs. Ideal for all sports, especially tennis, baseball and swimming.

• Pain Relief
• Increased Flexibility
• Increase Strength
• Increase Performance
• Improve Function for Daily Living
• Faster Recovery from Training

Personal Training
Thirty minutes, $80*
Sixty minutes, $120*
Whether you are a beginner or want to enhance your current program, a fitness professional guides you through exercises that meet your individual needs. Partner training is also available.

*A 20% gratuity will be added to all fitness services.

personalized fitness services

Personalized Services

Sanctuary Resort Fitness Specialists are committed to promoting lifelong, healthy behaviors for our guests. Under their expert guidance, you will gain the knowledge and inspiration to continue your fitness goals wherever your travels take you. Take part in one of our personalized programs and reconnect with your body, mind and balance.

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Assessment and Personalized program
Ninety minutes, $195*
A fitness professional will test and assess your cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility and body composition. A personalized program is designed to maximize overall wellness. It is ideal for people in need of an exercise program or for those looking to modify their current program. DYNA-band and take-home program included.

Learn the most effective ways to achieve your personal health, fitness or weight loss goals. Our nutrition expert will assess and make recommendations on how to improve your diet and well being.

*A 20% gratuity will be added to all spa services.

private training

Private Classes

Sixty minutes, $130*
Ninety minutes, $190*
(group rates available)

One-on-one instruction is available for all movement classes – please refer to our fitness & activity class schedule for times. Additional class types (including yoga for golf, plyometrics, BOSU, balance disk, ball & band, pilates, yoga for golfers, interval or circuit) are available upon request. See below for Sanctuary Resort offerings.

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Agility Training
Enhance your power, speed and agility through footwork-based training.

Circuit Resistance Training
Incorporate both muscular strength and endurance exercises with intervals of cardiovascular training using a variety of equipment, including new TRX agility training.

Core Stabilization
Increase muscular balance and strength through a sequence of body stabilization exercises while learning to engage core muscles.

Functional Stretch
Develop mind-body awareness through various stretching techniques and functional movement patterns.

Assisted Stretch
Identifies muscle imbalances and weaknesses, while improving flexibility and circulation.

Pilates Reformer for Athletes
Improve strength, flexibility and coordination through core stabilization and resistance training on the Pilates reformer apparatus.

Power Pilates Fusion (mat)
Increase endurance, agility, balance, control, core strength, range of motion, and lung capacity by utilizing the Pilates BOSU balance trainer method, flex bands, resistance circle, and tubing.

Power Yoga
Challenge your balance and mental focus while increasing energy, strength, and flexibility practicing this Power Yoga discipline.

Thai Yoga
A relaxing yoga session that teaches poses and stretches from an ancient technique oriented in Thailand. Improves circulation and flexibility.

Pilates/Yoga for Back Care
Exercises designed to help develop a strong, healthy and stress-free back. This workout builds core stability, spinal alignment and mobility.

Exercises for Arthritis and Osteoporosis
Custom designed programs using the BEST exercises for osteoporosis program and the DSW exercises for arthritis. These programs help improve bone density and alleviate joint stiffness, increasing flexibility and circulation.

Breathe, stretch, and relax…Learn specific relaxation and breathing techniques to release stress and increase flexibility.

*A 20% gratuity will be added to all fitness services.