To help corporate groups evolve both personally and professionally, Sanctuary has teamed up with Robert Van Arlen. Robert is an internationally known business results speaker, author and emcee. Born in Honolulu, the former Fortune 500 executive built a reputation during his 15-year career in the legal publishing industry of changing the culture of his teams from whiners to winners. His "Focused Synergy" process brings individual and team improvement through vision and values alignment. Leaders walk away with specific techniques to inspire growth, individuals learn the value of practicing excellence and everyone takes something away that they can share with others.

Sample programs include:

The Power of Melody – Music melody consists of the central theme and purpose of a musical piece. Melody, as related to teamwork focuses on the individual contribution to the team and personal alignment to the vision of the organization.

The Significance of Harmony – Harmony illustrates a form of synergy, because it demonstrates an ability to play together. Robert shares techniques that lead to continuous growth and a harmonic culture.

Executing Rhythm – Robert concludes with a message that drives accountability for results. Through a rhythmic jam session, Robert will demonstrate how synchronicity is paramount for improving processes and productivity.

For more information on these or other teambuilding programs available at Sanctuary, contact our sales professionals at 480.607.2350.